Scheltema in Books abroad

  • T.W.L. Scheltema, Over:VICTOR WESTHOFF. Levend Barnsteen. (Living amber). Amsterdam, de Bezige Bij. 55.p . 3 guilders.
    In: Books abroad: a quarterly publication devoted to comment on foreign books, 1949:

    These exquisite nature poems are the work of a biologist and obviously the precious by-product of his stay at Terschelling and adjoining islands to do research for his thesis on the plant ecology of that region. Here is the poetic voice of a scientist whose poetic expression has not been hampered but enriched by his analytical observation and knowledge of nature, resulting in an extremely rare synthesis in modern
    These verses, showing a more than skillful handling of the language give a poetic mid often very plastic picture of shore and sea and of specific plants, ani mals of biological associations as seen by the poet-scient ist. Dutch literature is to be congratulated with this poetry, differing quite strongly from nature poetry of authors like Gorter, Verwey and Guido Gezelle; none of them had a scientific background.

    Washington, D.C. February 22, 1949. T.W.L. Scheltema.

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